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We’re your cannabis marketing specialists.

R&D Cannabis Marketing was founded by the publishers of Cannabiz News. If you’re looking for a team of professional journalists, copy writers, editors, designers, content producers, and marketers who work full time in the cannabis industry, you’ve found us. Put us to work for your company.

Content Creation

We offer high quality social media content. Your customers will “eat it up.” We offer written, graphic, audio and video content. Ask us to show you the difference top-quality content makes in social media marketing.

Website Development

We don’t just design and develop run-of-the-mill websites. We offer powerful strategies for maximizing the return on your web investments. All sites are built to align with clients’ social and search strategies.

Identify and motivate potential customers through viral social media content.

We identify your potential customers by learning what consumers of your product or service are responding to. We then create branded social media content that they actually want on their news feeds. We reach out to prospects that are interacting and motivate them to get involved creating top mind awareness for your brand.

Infographics & Memes

More than 50% of internet traffic goes to audio and video streaming. R&D offers affordable media production services such as audio podcasting and viral video.

The Kieth Stroup Show

We won’t just “manage” your social media. We’ll actually socialize. (Imagine that.)

Social media. Psh. Who’s got time to be social when you’re trying to run a company? Well… we love to socialize, and we’ll do it for you. We’ll create content that your customers will eat up and actually want on their news feeds. Then we strategically post the content on the top social networks and see who chimes in. Once the ice is broken and that relationship has begun, it’s just a matter of reaching out to them one by one to say, “Hello. How are you? What’s on your mind? What do you need? How can we help?”

We design clean, sharp looking, websites
and we like to show them off.

No one enjoys navigating a cluttered and confusing website. If you’re going to develop a new website, you want a team with talent and smarts that can align your look with your brand, and build a site that’s clean, sharp, secure, and a pleasure to hang out on. Our motto is, “clean it up!”

Some of the cannabis industry brands we’ve been helping to grow lately.

We don’t use brute force search marketing techniques. We use finesse to wring out every last dime of return on your investment.

Any old search marketing consultant can set you up with SEO and pay-per-click campaigns. We’re obsessed with analytics, benchmarking, tracking and testing. Say no more.

• SEO. We’re not just another content mill pumping out pulp to fill your blog with keywords. We have some of the top writers in the industry. No lie.
• PPC. There are PPC campaigns and then there are PPC campaigns. We’ll test and tweak your PPC results into the stratosphere.
• Analytics. It’s amazing that “they” can keep track of every click made by billions of people every day. But it’s awesome because we can use that to optimize your ads.
• Heat mapping. Ever heard of this? It’s really slick. You can see where exactly on your site shoppers are focusing and use that info to create killer landing pages.

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Need promotional products, sales tools, packaging, display graphics?

We’ve got over 30 years of print design & production experience.


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