Two “buds” are better than one. 

R&D Cannabis Marketing is a collaboration between two long-time professional consultants – best friends for more than 40 years – one a marketing whiz, and the other a technology guru. In early 2016, after years working independently as consultants the two “buds” decided that two heads are better than one. So they put theirs together and decided to create two websites, Cannabiz News and Growbay. In the process, they assembled a team of top-notch professionals in cannabis journalism and content creation. Out of this effort R&D Cannabis Marketing was born.

Rick Schettino
CEO, Creative Director

Rick Schettino has been in marketing for more than 35 years working alongside some of the top creative directors at both global and boutique marketing agencies. He is also the founder of a popular indie music industry magazine. Rick has specialized in content creation since the 80’s, and internet marketing since 1999.


David Wagner
COO, President

David Wagner has been a high-level IT guru for more than 25 years, and has worked with some of the most successful technology companies in the US including Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Charles Schwab, Boeing, Motorola and more. Today, David specializes in internet marketing technology and as Chief Operating Officer handles the company’s daily operations. 


Our content development team leaders are amongst the most knowledgable and experienced in the cannabis industry.

Lloyd Covens, Ph.D.

Dr. Lloyd Covens is cannabis industry journalist and publisher of West420 NewsWeekly, a leading information source for the cannabis and hemp arena since early 2014. Lloyd is also a senior writer at Cannabiz News and the creator of the The Keith Stroup Show. Writing his doctorate on diffusion of innovations, he has been an expert journalist/researcher for 20 years chronicling new technology, global television and renewable energy advancements.


Mikel Weisser, M.A.

Mikel Weisser has a Masters in English from the University of Illinois at Springfield and a Masters in Secondary Education from Northern Arizona University. Mikel is the Arizona state director of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), and co-host of The Keith Stroup Show. A former congressional candidate, Weisser helped draft Arizona’s 2016 legalization initiative. He lives with his wife and daughter in So-Hi, AZ.


Alexandra Hicks

Alex Hicks is Managing Editor at Cannabiz News and writes for numerous other publications on the topic. She’s currently a Public Relations Officer with Hoosier Veterans for Medical Cannabis and has previous experience at medical marijuana collectives. Alex was intimately involved in the development and launch of 


We have assembled a world-class production team made up of top-notch writers, editors, graphic artists, audio engineers, video producers, website developers, social media managers, and search marketing managers from all across the US.

The content our team develops speaks for itself.


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